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Easy online coupons

Ideal for cooking courses and other culinary activities

bookingkit is the business management solution that can be customized to fit your needs. Make it easy for potential customers to find you — around the clock and across all channels. Take advantage of our extensive marketing network. Let the bookingkit platform work for you. Automate your bookkeeping. Say goodbye to searching through emails for booking requests and producing invoices by hand. bookingkit is business management done better.

  • More time

    Thanks to bookingkit's intelligent organization tools, our customers spend 40% less time on administrative tasks.

  • More revenue

    Online and mobile booking. Turn your website's traffic into cash.

  • Easy integration

    bookingkit can work on any website and includes a host of integrated marketing partners.

Take your cooking school digital with bookingkit

bookingkit is the perfect tool for going digital with your culinary services — in no time at all, you can have your services online and ready for direct and easy booking. The platform can be automatically integrated into your website in a matter of minutes, complete with your brand’s colors and fonts. No technical knowledge is required. Attract new business with a sleek, new web presence and manage your entire business at no extra charge. This is business management done the bookingkit way.

New: online payments and complete coupon management

Bookingkit lets you easily create, sell and process your own coupons without any technical knowledge required. Turn your cooking course into the perfect gift for any occassion. Give your customers the option of convenient, online payments. bookingkit comes complete with all standard payment methods at no extra cost. The automatic payment processing features let you focus on your business without having to handle every payment yourself.

Bookings made easy for your business Generate more revenue on the internet more easily, organize your administrative tasks better, and get bookings online at any time.

Award-winning business management Put your business in safe hands with bookingkit

Everything at a glance!
Keep your calendar and revenue in view

bookingkit is complete business management — booking, participant management, customer management, marketing tools and analytics — in a single software solution. The bookingkit home screen provides a clear overview of your calendar and all open and completed bookings, plus your issued coupons, revenue, sales stats and payment information. With bookingkit you can forget about pen and paper.

A whole new level of overview

bookingkit has your back in the chaotic world of marketing platforms so that you can get the most bang for your buck. With access to tons of powerful marketing portals, you’ll be sure to get optimal exposure for your culinary services. A single click is all it takes to get your services up and running on the portals of your choice. Your availability, pricing and times are automatically kept up to date by the bookingkit software. And your bookings, product information and much more are synchronized in the background around the clock.

More customers through exclusive partnerships

bookingkit has your back in the chaotic world of marketing platforms so that you can get the most bang for your buck. With access to tons of powerful marketing portals, you'll be sure to get optimal exposure for your culinary services. Mit einem Klick vermarkten Sie Ihre Kurse dank unserer exklusiven Partnerschaft auch beim Marktführer für kulinarische Angebote,!Your availability, pricing and times are automatically kept up to date by the bookingkit software. And your bookings, product information and much more are synchronized in the background around the clock.

  • Das sagen unsere


    Kunde des open source Buchungstools aus dem Bereich Kochkurse

    Katharina Brandt

    Sushi Circle

    Coordinating our cooking classes in our several stores has always been an enormous administration effort for us. For example the decentral payoff of all the cash payments. Bookingkit conducts this all in one software. Now, the payment comfortably takes place via our website. In that way, we now have less expenses with our payoffs. The coordinators and myself are very pleased with bookingkit.

monthly basic rate

Each plan includes• Help getting everything set up. bookingkit is really easy to use, but we’re more than happy to lend a helping hand
• Free support
• Access to all payment methods
• Easy integration of bookingkit into your website system
• Tons of design options to fit your existing website
• Unlimited tours, activities, appointments and coupons
• Access to weekly platform upgrades
• Legally compliant payment processing and checkout
• Access your data from anywhere in the world
• No hidden fees

“All-Inclusive fee”


free forever!


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for all the pro features

Transaction fee
(only applies to online payment processing)

Payment processing fee Accomodate customers who wish to pay online in a carefree manner - bookingkit offers a transparent cost model.




Participant fee
(charged per participant)

0,50 €

0,50 €

0,50 €

Comprehensive carefree package

  • Account creation
  • Activities setup
  • Integration of the platform into your existing website

one-time payment of €199



Get Started Now Get Started Now Get Started Now
pays off for a revenue of 1.600 € per month pays off for a revenue of 5.000 € per month


Payment methods

Switch plans at any time / cancel monthly


Creating events

Create unlimited tours, activities and eventsWith bookingkit, the sky is the limit: create as many activities, tours and services as you like!




Bookings and coupons per month




Free support

Outstanding supportFor everything from setup to helping your business grow — our support team has your back.


Outstanding supportAs part of our BASIC plan our support team can be reached around the clock via email.

Email & telephone¹

Outstanding supportOur PLUS plan includes excellent, around-the-clock support via both email and telephone.

Email & telephone¹

Outstanding supportOur PREMIUM plan includes excellent, around-the-clock support via both email and telephone.

Legally compliant payments via escrow account

Core features

2-minute integration into your existing website

Quick and easy integrationBookingkit can be integrated into your existing website in a matter of minutes. Your website content remains associated with your current address so that customers can continue to find you on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Complete coupon management

Complete coupon managementA turnkey solution for creating, selling and processing coupons. Includes immediate payment following booking.

Revenue payouts possible at any time

Integrated payment managementSimple. Immediate. Secure. bookingkit puts you in control of your revenue. Receive payments on online sales at any time.

Video and image gallery

Custom pricing

Responsive design

Change of booking / cancellation feature

Change of booking / cancellation featureChange customer bookings and cancel appointments at any time.Bookingkit handles payment changes, chargebacks and customer information completely automatically.




Free updates

100% free updatesBookingkit customers always have 100% free access to new features, updates and program enhancements.  This keeps you and your business up to date with the latest platform changes and legal conditions.

Calendar syncing (e.g. with Google Calendar)

Supported languages

English, German, Spanish, Czech

English, German, Spanish, Czech

English, German, Spanish, Czech

Acceptance of international currencies

Access to marketing partners

Increased ReachOur marketing partners include jollydays,, Get Your Guide,, viator,, and many more.

360+ million user reach

360+ million user reach

360+ million user reach

Set quotas

Full controlbookingkit lets you set ticket and coupon sales quotas for different channels, such as your website and marketing partners. Quotas can be set per tour or activity, and even per appointment.

Pro features

Design configurator for changing the look and feel of the platform

Social media integration (e.g. Facebook)

Comprehensive statistics / analysis

Channel management

Revenue management tool

Mobile ticket validation via smartphone

Export data and receipts (for bookkeeping etc.)

User management

Easily manage different types of usersWant full access for yourself, but limited access for your employees or your accountant? Easily create custom user privileges and decide who has access to what on bookingkit.


Boost Revenue through Cross-SellingDo you want to give your customers the option to purchase physical vouchers that are sent to their doorstep? Or to buy that special ingredient you use in your cooking class? Do you have cool T-shirts that remind your customers of your memorable activity? With the cross-selling feature all this is possible – with just a few clicks!


By developers, for developers

Website integration API for developers

Website integration via APIWebsite integration in a matter of minutes — coupled with our well-documented interface (API). Our API makes it easy for web developers and agencies to build more complex websites with exactly the look and feel they want.

Booking & management API

Bookingkit control via APIControl your entire bookingkit system with our API and get fully-automated access to bookings and coupons. You can also use webhooks to seamlessly integrate the platform into your own systems.

Website analysis: conversion tracking

Get precise user analysisTrack your website’s traffic and analyze purchase behavior. Bookingkit includes all the interface specifications needed for tools such as Google Analytics.

Free support

Email support

Access to a comprehensive help database & tutorials

bookingkit Academy video tutorials

Telephone support

Personal revenue optimization manager

Get Started Now Get Started Now Get Started Now

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monthly fee




bookingkit has much more to offer

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Absolute security for your business

In your line of work, reliability is key. bookingkit gives you the tools and resources you need to provide services your customers can depend on.

bookingkit gives you unlimited bandwidth, indefinite contractual periods, and weekly payouts on your generated revenue. No long waiting periods or strict payout conditions to collect the money you’ve earned. And with our outstanding payment partners, you can rest assured that your money is on its way and in accordance with current financial directives.

Discover all of the benefits of bookingkit in 15 minutes

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