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bookingkit is much more
than a simple booking system

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bookingkit is much more than a simple booking system

bookingkit’s smart software lets you market your services across a vast network of sales channels without losing sight of the big picture. Your calendar is automatically synced across all portals to give you more control over where your bookings are coming from.

With bookingkit, your info, capacity and prices are kept up to date around the clock across all channels!

Professional channel management for small businesses

bookingkit has your back in the chaotic world of marketing platforms so that you can get the most bang for your buck. Our software gives you access to an expansive network of marketing and sales portals to increase your exposure and bring in new business. Your availability, pricing and times are automatically kept up to date by the bookingkit software. And your bookings, product information and much more are synchronized in the background around the clock.

More revenue, enhanced overview, and more time for what matters most. bookingkit is the all-in-one solution for your business.

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No more calendar juggling and no more over-booked activities.

Full sales channel overview

Bookings made through integrated sales channels such as TripAdvisor are automatically registered by bookingkit — and all website and platform quotas are automatically updated accordingly. This means all your appointments are listed in a single calendar, and all your sales channel quotas are automated using a single system — simply log in to bookingkit to see the big picture.

bookingkit automatically handles the transfer of images, activity descriptions and other metadata, so you can get back to what matters most to you.

Smart quota management

bookingkit's channel management tools let you decide which services to offer on which channels. Advertise exclusively on your website or a through a custom selection of other sales platforms and marketplaces. Manage your quotas the way you see fit and maximize the effectiveness of sales channels by customizing how each service and activity is promoted.

Bookings made easy for your business Generate more revenue on the internet more easily, organize your administrative tasks better, and get bookings online at any time.

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Unsurpassed analytics for capacity forecasting and optimization.

Quick revenue boosts

bookingkit’s yield management feature lets you see expected capacity and participant numbers for each activity. The platform’s powerful algorithm analyzes past and real-time data so that you can make quota adjustments and offer last-minute deals to maximize the performance of each activity. Sophisticated tools for easy revenue and yield optimization.

bookingkit is the world’s first booking system to offer yield management tools for activity providers.

bookingkit has received numerous awards. Try it yourself!

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Discover all of the benefits of bookingkit in 15 minutes

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